Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida

The Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida, a Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation, has been helping people with bleeding disorders since 1996. We have helped the bleeding disorders community improve their quality of life by offering programs and services to support healthier and more independent lives.

Direct Support

Did You Know?
Little Ways to Support HFGF Financially Can Add Up.The HFGF participates in several programs that allow you to give money to the organization with little or no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Buy Groceries & HFGF Gets a Donation
Through the Albertson’s Grocery Store Community Partner Program you can provide money to HFGF just by doing your regular grocery shopping! Albertson’s donates a percentage of the purchases of participating members back to HFGF.
Call us at 800 293 6527 to request a card or go to www.albertsons.com, click on In the Community, and then click the Community Partners logo to register online. Let’s get shopping!

Use a Search Engine & HFGF Gets a Donation
Do you Yahoo or Google almost every day? Doesn’t everybody? From now on, make www.goodsearch.com your search engine and every time you search the Web, HFGF will receive a donation, a percentage of the revenues from the site’s advertisers. Good Search uses Yahoo search technology so it’s reliable and fast. Just go to the site, type HFGF into the Who do you search for box and click the verify button, then conduct your Web search as usual. So, gentlemen, start your search engines and make some money for the HFGF!