Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida

The Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida, a Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation, has been helping people with bleeding disorders since 1996. We have helped the bleeding disorders community improve their quality of life by offering programs and services to support healthier and more independent lives.

Information & Referral

Knowledge is power. The more one can learn about their illness the more they can empower themselves and their families toward better health.

HFGF keeps a library of resources on a variety of bleeding disorder topics. All literature is sent to consumers free of charge. Whether the issues pertain to Hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, or HIV/Hepatitis co-infection, HFGF should be able to provide you with educational literature catered to your needs.

Some topics include:

    • Women and Bleeding Disorders
    • Children Saftey Issues with Hemophilia
    • HIV/Hepatitis

Additionally, HFGF keeps a library of local agencies and resources. These may include the need for basic assistance such as food and clothing, work advocacy, legal referrals, vocational training, medication assistance, and counseling. If you are having difficulty knowing where to turn, please call.