HFGF is a the legislative voice for the bleeding disorders community.  We travel annually to Tallahassee and Washington D.C. to represent our families and talk to our legislators about issues that affect the bleeding disorders community.

The Bleeding Disorders Coalition of Florida (BDCF) encourages our families to get to know your local legislators and stay in touch with them throughout the year.  As constiuents, your legislators work for you and should listen to your concerns.

Click here for a list of Florida Senators and their contact information.

Click here for a list of Florida Representatives and their contact information.

BDCF stormed Tallahassee on April 17 (World Hemophilia Day!) and 18 to advocate on behalf of the bleeding disorders community supporting step therapy bills and opposing short term insurance plans.  We also educated legislators on bleeding disorders and treatment.  Click on photo below to view full album of our visit.

***ADVOCACY ALERT*** -  April 22, 2019

Download the Florida Medicaid Expansion Petition Form to put Medicaid expansion on the ballot for 2020.  You must print out the form and send to Florida Decides Healthcare, Inc., P.O. Box 15415, Coral Gables, FL 33114.  Petitions must be submitted by January 1, 2010.


HB 559, the fail first bill by Representative Massullo has been added to the agenda for the Health Market Reform Subcommittee on Tuesday, March 19 at 3:30 pm.In advance of the committee meeting on Tuesday, please be sure to email and call members of the committee to share your support for the legislation.  Legislator contact information is listed below.

Draft Talking Points on Patient Access

  • Thank you so much for working to ensure Florida’s patients remain happy and healthy.
  • I wanted to express our strong support to expand and strengthen the patient protections currently in Florida statute.
  • On behalf of Florida’s most vulnerable citizens, we are seeking your leadership and legislative action to ensure patients have access to the right medication at the most appropriate time without jumping through hurdles from an insurance company.
  • Our physicians have the expertise to know what is best for patients and must have access to a full range of therapeutic options to use as they see fit. They should not have to jump through burdensome bureaucratic hoops to secure the most appropriate therapy.  Ultimately, healthcare professionals, not bureaucrats, should make the determination of the best course of treatment and medications for a patient.
  • We need to ensure Florida’s patients are receiving the right medicine at the right time.
  • Respectfully, we ask that the legislator and fellow members, support House Bill 559 this legislative session by co-sponsoring the legislation and supporting it in committee.
Last Name First Name Local Phone Email Address Staff
Pigman Cary (850) 717-5055;;
Fitzenhagen Heather (850) 717-5078;
Good Margaret (850) 717-5072;
Casello Joseph (850) 717-5090;
Duran Nicholas X. (850) 717-5112;
Fernandez Javier E. (850) 717-5114;
Grant (M) Michael (850) 717-5075;
Ingoglia Blaise (850) 717-5035;
Leek Thomas J. ''Tom'' (850) 717-5025;
McClure Lawrence (850) 717-5058;
Omphroy Anika Tene (850) 717-5095
Rommel Bob (850) 717-5106;
Toledo Jackie (850) 717-5060;
Tomkow Josie (850) 717-5039;